The Lockwood Packing Company located in Lockwood, MO was founded in 1987 by Allen Frickenschmidt. The original operating facility consisted of 2500 square feet with 4 employees including Allen and his wife Koleen. Their first year in operation they processed approximately 540 beef, 540 hogs and 190 deer. The business continued to grow with additions in 1991 and 2001.

In 2005 Frickenschmidt Foods LLC was established. They built a second USDA-licensed facility next door to the original Lockwood Packing Co. devoted exclusively to beef jerky production. The facility was 4000 square feet and included a cooler, freezer, processing room, packaging room and smoke house.

The latest addition came in 2012 with 8000 more square feet and included a freezer, cooler, 2 packaging rooms, warehouse, loading dock, the retail room and a full deli and sandwich shop.

Today their facility has 20,000 square feet of operating space and employees 27 people. They process approximately 1077 beef, 1171 hogs, 29 sheep and 963 deer per year. In addition, they process and package 1200 lbs. of Jerky, 4000 lbs. of snack sticks, 2000 lbs. of bacon and lbs. of pork products per week.

We have gained a notable reputation for our award winning products, clean facility, and consistent-quality processing.

Continually striving for top quality products.


Missouri Association of Meat Processors Awards

Reserve Grand Champion – Dry Cured Bacon

Reserve Champion – Jerky
Champion – Fresh Bratwurst

Champion – Best of the Midwest – Country Cure Bacon
Silver Saw Blade Award

Champion – Poultry Products
Grand Champion – Fresh Bratwurst
Grand Champion – Smoked Turkey
Best Poultry Product

Grand Champion – Summer Sausage
Grand Champion – Fresh Bratwurst
Reserve Grand Champion – Smoked Chop & Loin Product
Reserve Grand Champion – Game Meat Products
Reserve Champion – Meat Snack Stick
Reserve Champion – Game Meat Products

Best of Beef Product – Jalapeno/Cheese Summer Sausage
Grand Champion – Sausage Specialty Products – Jalapeno/Cheese Summer Sausage
Grand Champion – Beef Specialty Products – Peppered Beef Summer Sausage
Reserve Grand Champion – Franks, Wieners – Homemade All Beef Hotdogs
Champion – Fresh Bratwurst – Jalapeno/Cheese Bratwurst
Champion – Meat Snack Stick – Cajun Snack Stick
Silver Saw Blade Award -For encouraging New Member Signup

American Association of Meat Processors

Accomplishment Award

Grand Champion – Beef Smoked Dinner Sausage

USDA Licensed and Inspected

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